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We are happy about every active and passive member in our club. The common interest in the vehicles of the W114 & W115 series is in the foreground with us and it is not mandatory to call a vehicle one's own. Joint activities, the technical exchange among each other and the many regional regulars' tables where members and friends of the vehicles come together is an essential part of this club.


We are the OLDEST and also the ONLY club in Germany that is exclusively dedicated to the Mercedes-Benz series of W114/W115. Founded back in 1989 as a club and community of interest, we can already look back on an eventful and moving history.


Four times a year, every regular member also receives our comprehensive club magazine "/8 Garage" with interesting current reports on the /8s, technical information on the vehicles, all current dates of events and historical information on these model series.

Since 2021 we have started to translate our club magazine and beside the physical shipment around the world, every member from abroad is receiving an online link to get exclusively access to an E-Paper of the club magazine in english.

A Membership of the MB /8 Club Deutschland e.V. currently costs EUR 50,00 per calendar year.
In addition, a one-time admission fee of EUR 20,- is charged on application.
In addition, since June 2019, partners and / or children of members can also apply for a so-called PARTNER MEMBERSHIP. Any natural person living in the same household as a full member can become a partner member. Partner members count as full members in accordance with the Articles of Association and therefore have their own voting rights, but they do not receive their own /8 Garage as a club magazine.

A Partner membership in the MB /8 Club Deutschland e.V. currently costs EUR 20 per year.
In principle, no one-time admission fee is charged for this, even if this membership application is received at a later date than the main membership.



If you would like to become a member of the MB/8 Club Deutschland e.V., you can register directly and easily as a member or partner member in two ways. On the one hand, you can fill out the online form directly and conveniently, or choose the traditional way via the PDF document below (print it out, fill it out and send it to us by post).

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Alternatively, you can also register as a member in the traditional way: Simply download the following application form for members and partner members below as a PDF document, print it , fill out page number 1 and get it back to us.
Please send by post to
MB /8 Club Deutschland e.V.
P.O. Box 1230
DE-29602 Soltau
or scan it and send it by e-mail to 



Eight good reasons for a Strich-Acht Club membership:


1. we are the OLDEST and also the only club exclusively dedicated to the two Mercedes-Benz model series W114 and W115 and currently have over 570 members (May 2021).


2. at our MEETINGS the /8 is the centre of attention. Over a hundred identical vehicles are lined up in rows. And yet they are colourful, diverse and individual. A picture that always inspires the /8 enthusiast anew - that is our annual /8-STERNFAHRT. And members have special conditions for this and are informed earlier!


3. versatile topics around the Mercedes /8 fill almost all pages of our club magazine "/8-GARAGE", which every club member receives four times a year. Combined with creative layout and printed completely in colour, it is actually a "must" for every real /8-friend.


4. at the various nationwide REGIONAL ROUND TABLE you meet like-minded people, organise joint activities and trips and help each other with technical problems and questions. And in the end you might even make good friends.


5. the homepage of the MB /8 Club offers for years an ONLINE PRESENCE and many functionalities as well as information about the vehicles. In search engines at the top of "dash8" our homepage contains selected technical reports from almost 30 years of club activity and tips about the vehicle. This helps our members to learn more about their vehicles and to stay informed. A presence on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM rounds off our online presence and establishes brand new, worldwide contacts that bring new and international flair to our club life.


6. our ARCHIVE holds a wide-ranging collection of literature on the subject of /8 for our members.


7. we present ourselves to the public at selected TRADE SHOWS, such as TECHNO CLASSICA in Essen, which is regarded as a leading trade fair in the field of classic car fairs, and many other fairs (Bremen Motor Classic, Hamburg Motor Classics ...) and other events (Club-Sternfahrt, Schöne Sterne Hattingen, Strich-Acht Tag Hamburg....).


8. good contacts: We do our utmost to ensure that we are allowed to drive our vehicles without restrictions in the future. Thus, among other things, the membership of our club in DEUVET, the umbrella organisation of classic car clubs, is logical and consistent. Contact with other classic car clubs also helps us to grow our network and maintain an active exchange on topics relevant to classic cars. The closest possible dialogue and exchange with Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz Classic helps the club to be close to other topics relating to the /8.




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MB /8 Club Deutschland e. V.
Postfach 1230
29602 Soltau

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