Car Model of the W114/115

Very recently, in November 2020, the company NOREV launched licensed models of the Strichacht sedan, which is also sold directly via Mercedes-Benz and the parts store of the branches. The MB/8 Club Deutschland e.V. has supported the product management of NOREV by providing a vehicle for measurement as well as detail corrections to the pre-production parts.

The result with the article number 183770 is really very detailed can be seen and the model of the 1st series in white with beige interior is in time for Christmas 2020 in the trade at the MSRP of EUR 89.90 available.

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Norev 1


Norev 2



On this page we plan to show more pictures of different vehicle models of the various manufacturers in the future. Of course across scales from 1:64, 1:87 to 1:43, 1:24 and 1:18.

Because besides the 1:1 scale in the garages of our members and friends of the W114 & W115 series, this is the welcome way to park your favorite also in the living room or on the desk !


Der W115 als 1:43 Modell


For the 30th anniversary of the club, the MB/8 Club Germany has produced a very special and unique model in a handmade special series of 6 pieces for the two club founders of 1989, Martin Kämmerling and Thomas Guth, which was presented to the club founders and four other deserving long-time members on the occasion of the 32nd Sternfahrt in Hamburg.


(Thomas Guth was unfortunately not present at the rally in Hamburg, but his model is on its way to him !)


Jubiläumsmodell 30 Jahre

Jubiläumsmodell 30 Jahre mit Widmung auf der Kofferraummatte


Das Sondermodell von schräg vorn

Das Sondermodell von schräg hinten


Modellübergabe an Martin Kämmerling



The basis for this was a W114 Coupé in 1:18 scale from SunStar from the so-called "Platinum Collection". The color is indicated as blue, in our opinion the color of the model is approximately in the range of "labrador blue" (code 312) or "blue" (code 335).

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